Board Meetings 2024


Assuming a majority vote at Fridays board meeting, the next confirmed board meeting should be January 10th 2024, most likely starting at 5pm.  It is also the Board meeting where we hope to finalise and discuss our plan to support the future success of our landscaping crew.

This would be the first meeting our newly appointed attorney would attend.

We have had internal discussion and the indicative dates for 2024 meetings are:

April 10th 2024

July 10th 2024

AGM – November 14th 2024

Following feedback from home owners at the 2023 AGM we want to explore with the attorney if candidates for the one vacant position and those with proxies can attend one hour prior to check in beforehand.

This will ensure our AGM in 2024 starts on time as I am all too aware of UK homeowners and the +5 hour time difference.  We need clarification from any appointed attorney to confirm this is possible.

If this is permitted, our remaining dates for 2024 will be confirmed.