CCTV Updates


Thanks to our amazing grounds crew, we managed to upright the CCTV post and key pad entry post at the community entrance on Tuesday 12th December.

I recovered all the broken equipment and worked to have this replaced.  The broken items included the Spectrum modem and the fiberglass weatherproof box.

I purchased a new weatherproof box and some exterior grade plywood and cut a new backing board so we could mount the cabinet.  A MASSIVE thank you to Michael @ 4660 for coming to the rescue with tools, paint, a paint brush and some screws.  The unit was mounted and now houses the replacement router and CCTV equipment.

As I discussed at the Board meeting, our CCTV system is fairly outdated and needs dragged into the 21st century.  I hope to get approval to spend on the new CCTV proposal which will extend and improve the quality of our camera network, add ANPR capabilities to the entrance and exit gates and even open the gates automatically for pre-registered vehicles!  Irrespective of registration status, all vehicles entering and exiting the community would be recorded and logged by the ANPR system and a searchable record would exist for those entries and exits.

Should crime occur, we would have a complete record of vehicular activity on the community, which would greatly assist law enforcement in tracing and apprehending offenders.

Our first objective is to get the gates operational as before.  Access will be via gate remote or by entering a PIN code into the key pad at the entrance.  A later add on would allow the gates to open for registered vehicles by driving up to the gate!

Our Entrance CCTV can now be viewed on the Cumbrian Lakes HOA website in real time.  Its also accessible by visiting direct link

I have a proposal to drag the community CCTV into the 21st century and hope I can rely on my Board colleagues support to have this proposal accepted.  I want to use some of the insurance money we are likely to receive to pay for this project in full.  A spend of less than $5k will ensure we are fit for the future.

See my other post titled “Community Internet, CCTV & W-iFi” to read more about this.