Landscaping Plan – Christmas 2023


Hey everyone just to let you know of the plans for the final mowing of the community in 2023.

This will take place next week Monday thru Thursday.  On Friday 22nd December, our President Matt will transport both John Deere branded mowers to Everglades for some much needed service and repair works.

Our equipment is badly in need of servicing to bring it up to the required standard.   A third mower was in the worst shape of them all.  It apparently has a belt issue, was in dire need of a service and the battery was completely flat owing to the length of time it has sat neglected in the shed.

Earlier this week I made contact with the store where we purchased it from and instructed them to collect, repair and deliver it back and we should have this prior to the Christmas holiday.

We will be without our John Deere mowers for potentially up to two weeks and I would ask for your patience and understanding if any grass becomes excessively longer than we would like over the Christmas period.

We are developing a long term landscaping plan for discussion at a potential January board meeting.  For now we are taking care of the most pressing needs to ensure our equipment is fully serviced and refreshed for the start of 2024.

Allan F-M